ProExams services

ProExam is a non-profit organization launched in 1941 as a testing entity of the American Public Health Association. Our primary goal today is to meet the potential credential sponsors' needs. We also offer voluntary certification and required license for individuals, organizations, businesses, and others.

We offer credentials to over 60 professional associations and 100 various licensing boards in American and Canadian jurisdictions. We give credentials in domains like engineering, accounting, higher education, food services, and healthcare.

The companies that get credentials gain trust in themselves, satisfaction, and a better self-assessment.

What is credentialing and certification?

Credentialing is a term used for concepts like certificate programs, professional certification, licensure, accreditation, and regulation.

A certification program usually tests your abilities and knowledge necessary for a job or function you have in society. It proves you are a professional and a successful expert that invests time in personal development.

ProExam's services

Our organization includes many assessments and advisory services to different institutions in the form of training, programs, computer-based and paper-based exams.

Digital credentials have become more popular thanks to their added value to traditional paper credentials. They can easily be achieved and include the dynamic potential for organizations. They go beyond being simple papers on a wall but are available to be seen on the internet – authentic, easy to access, verified. Digital credentials offer more credibility and are shared instantly online through blogs, emails, and social media.

The importance of micro-credentials

Nowadays, technology helps organizations keep the pace and be up-to-date. Some companies have even decided to get digital credentials for the whole company and each employee. This is usually more reasonable and more accessible than paper certificates.

Companies may also choose micro-credentials - more focused tests than the traditional ones. They are used when an organization is looking for:

  • Unique skills' consideration for a specific credential
  • Different micro-credentials that together have the same value as an established credential
  • Extra value for a traditional credential

This article from the Center for Digital Education can bring more light on why micro-credentials are so important.

Our certified clients

We are proud of having worked close and offered micro-credentials to all of the companies that have opted for getting them from ProExam. Here are a couple of them:

The American Society of Association Executives/ (ASAE) is an association that brings together both individual professionals and organizations. The total number of its members reaches the 7,400 figure.

Direct Loans Lenders Com was among the first organizations taking micro-credentials at ProExam. The micro-credentials have helped them manage their online activity better and gain more trust from customers.

People's trust begins with safe companies, and ProExam's certificates are highly valued. We hope that in seven decades we managed to make a difference and we will continue to do that.

If you would like to find out more about our partners and us, please check the available events organized by ProExam and join us on any of them.