ProExam Write RGB 72dpi

ProExam Write is a secure, web-based system for item (test question) development, review and validation. It reduces the cost of item development without compromising security or the integrity of the process. As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), ProExam Write is affordable and convenient to use for organizations of any size.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Reduce meeting-related costs with a partially or fully web-based item development process
  • Increase overall item writing productivity through the rapid ability to draft, review and approve items using friendly, simple-to-use dashboards
  • Secure item development activity within a password-protected, administrator-controlled environment
  • Create valid, defensible items by providing custom resources inside the system for reference, and by using extensive embedded training resources for writers and reviewers
  • Configure the system to match workflow and policies, and to support a testing services vendor, psychometric consultant or review committee through industry-standard XML item export

Streamline item development with ProExam Write’s comprehensive functionality.

ProExam Write Example

Administrators can:

  • Configure the workflow for the drafting, review, revision and approval of items
  • Create and store multi-level item classification schemes
  • Manage the recruitment and enrollment of item writers and reviewers
  • Assign roles and permissions, and issue assignments to item writers and reviewers
  • Track and report on activity at the item writer and reviewer level as well as across an entire item development initiative, including item versioning and history
  • Upload and manage resources specific to an item development initiative
  • Export finalized items to print or XML

Item writers can:

  • Draft, edit and classify a multiple-choice or scenario-based item using familiar word processing functionality
  • Define the number of options
  • Provide rationale for an item stem and/or options
  • Cite references
  • Attach associated graphics, video or audio media

Item reviewers can:

  • Review and comment on, or directly revise, an item
  • Refer an item to another reviewer for additional feedback
  • Collaborate with other reviewers in real time
  • Approve items as final for committee review or transfer to an item banking system