ProExam Announces the

Tessera™ Trailblazers Program

Assess accurately. Act knowledgeably.

ProExam’s Tessera Trailblazers program is a unique partnership that offers school leaders an opportunity to implement the most advanced noncognitive assessment program available starting this fall – at particularly reasonable cost and for maximum benefit.

As a trailblazing early adopter, you, your teachers and administrators, and your students will be provided with important information that can affect student learning and school climate, professional development, and public relations. The program was suggested to us by one of our Tessera pilot schools, and we agreed that it makes a lot of sense.

What you do

Commit to the program before June 30 and agree to begin administering Tessera in the first semester of the 2016-17 school year.

What you get

  • Data about student noncognitive skills and continuous improvement opportunities you can use to drive conversations and enhance student growth in responsibility, grit, teamwork, resilience, curiosity, and leadership.
  • A one-hour online orientation seminar to guarantee smooth implementation. School and district leaders will participate in a discussion on best noncognitive/SEL practices that covers articulating purpose and use; coaching on how to communicate to all constituencies, including parents; and aligning Tessera’s assessed constructs to your school/district’s intended outcomes.
  • A 1.5-hour online post-first administration workshop, customized to your team, with Tessera Strategic Implementation Director Jonathan E. Martin, an experienced teacher and school leader known nationally for expertise in SEL and noncognitive skills assessment and instruction. The workshop will provide guidance to your administrators and teachers on using Tessera data and reports for continuous improvement and formative assessment, and on instructional strategies for strengthening student SEL skills.
  • Public relations. ProExam will provide Trailblazer leaders with a media kit that includes text and artwork for press releases, blogs, etc. We will work with you to let your community and constituency know just how much you value educating the whole child. A national PR campaign will feature the Trailblazer schools as well.
  • Participation in our Advisory Panel. Trailblazer leaders will be invited (with no obligation!) to be part of a select group of advisors providing input into future versions of Tessera.
  • Collaborative professional development. ProExam presents webinars and at professional conferences regularly, and we strongly believe in the value of end-user participation to complement our research orientation. We will ask Trailblazer leaders to join us in these programs (with no obligation). This gives you a chance to showcase your district/school’s use of the Tessera system in nationally publicized webinars and public presentations as well as to be featured in “spotlight” articles and blog posts about your experience.

Cost benefits

The price to administer Tessera is calculated on a site license for unlimited usage and will be reduced to

$6/student for participants in the Trailblazers program. Schools that choose to pay using year-end monies before June 30 will still have a one-year license that begins in the fall.

Why are we making this offer?

ProExam is a mission-driven, non-profit organization. Our Board of Trustees believes so strongly in the importance of noncognitive skills and how Tessera’s information yield can affect learning and school climate that they are helping underwrite the initial costs in order to help build a community of learning.

We would like you to be a part of that community.

For more information or details on how you can participate in our Trailblazers program, please contact:

Fred Bost
ProExam National Sales Director
Tessera Team Leader

800.396.8108 phone
609.203.2037 mobile

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.