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ATP Innovations in Testing: Presentations

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We're posting our session materials from the Association of Test Publishers' 2014 Innovations in Testing conference in Scottsdale, AZ for those unable to attend, or for those who did attend and would like them for reference. 

The move from paper to digital credentials (or the simple addition of digital credentials to paper) had significant buzz at ATP, and that was reflected in our session with Sunny Lee of the Mozilla Foundation and Matthew Pittinsky of Parchment, "The Impact of Digitization in the Education and Certification/Licensure Credentialing Markets."

Other relevant sessions were the case study, "Work Ready Now! — Using Assessment and Digital Micro-Credentials (Badges) to Support Learning in a Curriculum-Based International Work Readiness Program," with Nancy Chervin and Nancy Taggart of Education Development Center, and the overview, "ProExam Vault: Enabling Secure Digital Credentials."

Two case studies focused on the critical credentialing areas of fundamental competencies and experience requirements: 

For more presentations and resources, visit the ProExam Resources page.

ATP Innovations in Testing: Highlighted sessions and exhibit

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ATPLogoWe're looking forward to the 2014 Innovations in Testing Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, March 2-5, and to sharing the credentialing expertise and insights of Professional Examination Service and our clients. Highlighted sessions:

  • 1:30pm, Monday, March 3 case study session, "Work Ready Now! — Using Assessment and Digital Micro-Credentials (Badges) to Support Learning in a Curriculum-Based International Work Readiness Program," with Nancy Chervin and Nancy Taggart of Education Development Center, and ProExam's Walt Jimenez.
  • 4:00pm, Monday, March 3 demonstration and discussion, "ProExam Vault: Enabling Secure Digital Credentials," with ProExam's Robert Block, Frank Catalano and Kenneth Doucet.
  • 7:30am, Tuesday, March 4 ATP Security Committee Breakfast Meeting, with ProExam's Chuck Friedman presenting on ATP security resources.
  • 4:15pm, Tuesday, March 4 PowerPoint-free discussion, "The Impact of Digitization in the Education and Certification/Licensure Credentialing Markets," with Sunny Lee of the Mozilla Foundation, Matthew Pittinsky of Parchment, and ProExam's Robert Block and Frank Catalano.
  • 10:15am, Wednesday, March 5 case study session, "The Impact of Identifying Fundamental Competencies in a Profession," with Randy Lindner of the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards, Keith Knapp, PhD, CNHA of Christian Care Community, and ProExam's Sandy Greenberg.
  • 10:15am, Wednesday, March 5 case study session, "Making the Hours Count: Operationalizing the Experience Requirement," with Victor Carter-Bey and Simona Fallavollita of Project Management Institute, and ProExam's Jacqueline Siano.

Also, we'll be highlighting digital credentials, security, and item writing tools in booth 45 of the Exhibit Hall with ProExam Vault and ProExam Write.

Look for the presentations and handouts here, in the Resources section, after ATP wraps up.

CAE (Council for Aid to Education) to Issue Digital Credentials for Students Using ProExam Vault

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The Council for Aid to Education (CAE) will use ProExam Vault to issue digital credentials for CAE's flagship assessments: the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) and College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+).

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CAE is an international non-profit organization best known for the CLA+ and CWRA+: performance-based assessments of critical thinking, real-world problem solving, and effective communication. To date, the CLA+ and CWRA+ have been used by more than 750 colleges, high schools, and middle schools (domestically and internationally) and over 500,000 students.

CAE plans to use ProExam Vault to issue credentials, displayed and distributed as industry-standard digital Open Badges, to students who meet proficient or advanced levels of mastery on the CLA+, which is used in colleges, and the CWRA+, which is used in middle and high schools.

CAE will issue its first digital badges this year.

Professional Examination Service releases ProExam Write 2.0

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ProExam Write, our secure, web-based item development tool, has just been updated. Version 2.0 adds two significant new features:

  • A new equation editor for drafting, editing and modifying mathematical equations directly inside the authoring interface; and,
  • New internationalization capabilities to display ProExam Write's interface in additional languages, and support item authoring in languages other than English.

The core features of ProExam Write remain. Draft items are submitted, reviewed, revised and tracked through a straightforward web-based interface. Item reviewers can return draft items to writers with feedback, identify items that are approved for the item bank and capture several item writer metrics. In addition, ProExam Write lets credentialing programs attach custom resource materials – such as manuals, assignments and workshop information – to assist item writers and reviewers.

If your program isn't already using ProExam Write, please contact us for a demonstration of its time- and cost-saving functions.

Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) partners with Professional Examination Service for digital credentials

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The premier international organization for regulatory excellence, CLEAR, and Professional Examination Service will work together to issue digital credentials for CLEAR's highly regarded National Certified Investigator and Inspector Training (NCIT) certification program. CLEAR will issue digital credentials using ProExam Vault to individuals who earn one of the four NCIT credentials: the Basic Certification, or one of the Specialized Certifications in Advanced Interviewing, Investigative Analysis, and Investigative Report Development.

Digital credentials issued with ProExam Vault are displayed on the web as industry-standard open badges, allowing CLEAR to securely manage the credentials, and NCIT credential holders to store and share credentials as digital "badges" on professional or social networking websites, in digital resumes, or by email. All digital credentials displayed as open badges can easily be verified with a single click.

CLEAR is an association of more than 460 agencies, organizations and individuals involved in regulating professions and occupations, with a mission to improve the quality and understanding of regulation to enhance public protection.

ICE Exchange presentations on digital credentials, practice analysis

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For those unable to make the Institute for Credentialing Excellence's 2013 ICE Exchange conference in Florida (or for those who did attend, and would like reference materials), we've made our ePoster and session presentations available. 

The explanatory ePoster, "Transitioning from Paper Credentials to Digital, Displayed as Open Badges," outlines how digital credentials displayed as industry-standard Open Badges work, and the benefits to organizations, individuals and employers. (A PDF can be downloaded here.)

Also available: The Lightning Learning session, "Best Practices for Preparing Your RFPs," and the full workshop presentation, "Getting It Off the Shelf: How to Use Your Practice Analysis to Create Best Practices Across Your Profession."

Dr. Dianne Henderson-Montero joins Professional Examination Service to lead psychometrics efforts

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Experienced scientist Henderson-Montero will become ProExam's Senior Vice President of Assessment Design, Psychometrics and Scoring. In this new position, she will manage design and psychometric services, including those provided by its statistics and scoring department. Henderson-Montero comes to ProExam from the not-for-profit Educational Testing Service (ETS), where she most recently was General Manager, Statistical Analysis & Psychometrics, Research & Development, and where she spent 12 years in various assessment and measurement roles. 

She also has been a research scientist at CTB/McGraw-Hill, has been published in several professional journals and presented at many professional conferences, and holds a doctorate in educational psychology as well as a baccalaureate and master's degree in nursing, both from the University of Alberta.

Practice analysis, digital credentials at ICE Exchange

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ProExam's insights into practice analyses, digital credentials and RFPs are on tap for sessions November 11-14 at the Institute for Credentialing Excellence's ICE Exchange in Amelia Island, Florida. The workshop "Getting It Off the Shelf: How to Use Your Practice Analysis to Create Best Practices Across Your Profession" features ProExam Research Director Carla Caro and key leadership from both the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABC) and National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE).

We also will be presenting an ePoster on "Transitioning from Paper Credentials to Digital, Displayed as Open Badges" and a Lightning Learning session on "Developing an RFP." Plus, in booth 303, we'll exhibit new services and products for digital credentials (for greater flexibility and fulfillment cost savings, compared to paper) and web-based item writing with ProExam Write (for more productivity and less expense, compared to in-person test question development).